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About us

What differentiates me from my competitors as a planner? I am a little different than most wedding planners you might meet around town. I prefer quirky and unpredictable, over simple and traditional. Nothing wrong with simple, but that’s not what I’m about. I’m not your average-run-of-the-mill wedding planner. However, if you are looking for something totally unique, personal, custom, fun, different, and off-the-beaten-path, then yes, we would be the perfect match!

What differentiates us from our competitors as a business? Exceptional customer service! We run our business with a boutique-style approach. We select limited number of couples per year to ensure that our priority and focus is on you. This guarantees that you will receive prompt responses and our undivided attention for your planning needs. We devote 100% our time and energy into planning weddings only. This means that our couples do not compete for our time with other types of events. We focus only on all things weddings! Our extensive industry experience and close relationships with quality vendors will assure that your wedding will be handled efficiently and professionally. There is nothing more important than planning the perfect celebration of love.

What do we do? We offer wedding planning services to all professional couples that do not have the time to plan their own wedding. Many do not have the desire to deal with the stress, the constant communication with numerous vendors and the logistics of how everything will come together at the end. And let’s be honest, many do not have the slightest idea where to start. So let’s start with you contacting us for a complimentary one-hour consultation! Click here for more information on our packages and call us today!

Where? With our office based in Naples, Florida, we provide our services to couples in both Southwest Florida and South Florida. We provide outstanding services to both English and Spanish speaking clientele. Let us give you that peace of mind and security, as well as show you what a professional certified wedding planner can do for you.

“Beyond getting our love fix, trust us to coordinate the wedding that will forever capture your heart…

your very own, Event of Love!” – Scarlett ♥

(239) 675-8400 | Scarlett@EventsOfLove.com

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